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The power of Word2html Pro

We made a big step forward in order to produce most effective way to convert MS Word documents into human readable html documents. Now you can also exctract pictures inside the documents. It's ancestor Word2html LT already have an incredible speed of processing and lowest memory requirements ever possible. Word2html Pro based on improved engine and provide even better performance despite the fact of increased amount of parsing features.

As any of our products available, you don't need to have Microsoft Word or Office installed to read and convert documents. No more time and thus money loss, no more annoying disks scratching.

As always you can easily convert your documents into HTML with just a few clicks. It doesn't matter if you're stuck with an old PC, you will easily convert a dozen or more documents in less time than it takes to open a single document in Microsoft Word. Plus, the output HTML file produced by Word2Html is the smallest possible, normally 10-20 times smaller than the HTML document produced by Microsoft Word or other components in the market.

Word2html Pro features

Most of the above mentioned features are unique and even MS Word's Save as Web page... don't have most of them implemented.

Want to get 50% off the price?

We are constantly working on improving our engine's capabilities and performance and each update read MS Word documents better than previous one. But no one is perfect, we neither. That is why we provide each our user 50% off the regular price for sending us 2 (two) documents our Word2html Pro is failed to read, but MS Word did. Please, download the latest version from our website and contact us if you don't get what you expect from Word2html Pro.

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