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Why is Word2Text the right choice for me?

Let's take a look at what Word2Text can offer you. First of all, you don't have to have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office installed, nor are there any other dependencies, except of course the operating system itself. Even if you already have Microsoft Office, Word2Text is capable of producing text documents that are far more readable than that of Microsoft Word's "Save As" command, particularly when it comes to table processing (see the table below). Moreover, Word2Text offers incredible processing speed, displaying benchmarks of at least 30 documents per second when tested on the oldest PCs we could find! When used on today's average systems, we found results of 100+ documents per second (benchmark's average document sizes were 100-200 Kb). Another powerful feature of Word2Text is its ability to create both ANSI and Unicode text documents. We'd also like to mention its flexible, friendly user interface and convenient document management, making Word2Text a complete and valuable solution.

Comparison between Microsoft Word's “Save as Text” and Word2text output

Original look of the document MS Word's “Save as Text” Text Word2text
cmp0 cmp1 cmp2

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